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Name of Product: OSD module vedio On Screen Display OM9024

Model of Product: OM9024

OSD module vedio On Screen Display OM9024

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OSD module vedio On Screen Display ( OSD ) OM9024 , is a Affordable High Resolution Video Overlay Module. can work on external mode and internal mode for color display. communication by RS232,SPI,TWI, on board RTC available.

You don't know how to do OSD, you just need to know RS232 SPI or TWI communication, you can make your own OSD system.

Product features:

  1. Elaborate hardware design, display is stable and reliable, image is clear
  2. Based on the superposition of MB90092, can stack chips text, pictures, animations
  3. GB2312 fonts, more widely useage
  4. RS232(TTL and CMOS option) TWI SPI RS485 communication
  5. RTC time on board, for time and date show, size and color can be set
  6. can work on external mode and internal mode, can work with no vidio input.
  7. need not to initialization, work ok on power.
  8. Standard video socket and industrial terminals
  9. free VB code for second development , free RS232,SPI,TWI code
  10. simple commands,communication calibration.
  11. Expand function control pin

Applications: all applications  need words or image overlay to video can use this system.

  1. Video monitoring
  2. Security industry
  3. Elevator floor shows
  4. Monitor toll road
  5. Monitor and detect banknote bank queuing system
  6. Large electronic display screen
  7. Temperature humidity time character
  8. Industrial control field
  9. GPS information
  10. Mobile video advertising, etc

Performance parameters:

  1. input Voltage:7~9V , or optional 5V
  2. communication: RS23,TWI,SPI,RS485(optional)
  3. Input level:CMOS/TTL/485
  4. Video impedance: 75 O 
  5. work Temperature:-40℃~+85℃

Accept custom designed, including customized splash screen, pictures, increase production on special functions, etc.

OSD module, vedio On Screen Display , OM9024

File download :
  • OM9024 OSD module
    OM9024 OSD module
  • display function inside mode
    display function inside mode
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