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Name of Product: xl400 8051 mcu development board kit study 51

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xl400 8051 mcu development board kit study 51

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xl400 8051 mcu development board system introduction

The xl400+ is an integrated demo system for the study and development of the 8051 Microcontroller, which is provided with four functions: experimental instrument, programmer, simulation interface, and ISP download cable. Enclosed with the control CPU is programming software which has independent intellectual property rights.

With useful implemented peripherals, plentiful practical code examples, and a broad set of additional add-on USB 2.0 IN-CIRCUIT ATMEL 8051 DEVELOPMENT BOARD boards Mikro Elektronika development boards make fast and reliable tools that can satisfy the needs of experienced engineers and beginners alike.

The XL400+ is an easy to use Atmel 8051 development system. The XL400+ has many features that make your development easy. You can between USB Power supply. The Easy8051B also supports Graphic LCD.

The smart choice for 8051 microcontrollers

XL400+ allows the 8051 MCU to be interfaced with external circuits to a broad range of the peripheral devices, allowing the user to concentrate just on the software.

Features of XL400+ system:

super powerful settings of circuits resources

  1. 8 digit LED: They could experiment and simulate various calculators and digital indication, including simulating single chip machines as LED-clock etc.
  2. 32 LED: could indicate state of all 32 p ports, experiment and simulate various LED experiments
  3. 4*4 matrix keyboard:
  4. 8 keyboards:
  5. Music output speaker: could finish sound type experiment like music playing and alarming.
  6. Relay experiment:
  7. I2C serial port EEPROM 24C 02: is used for IIC communication experiment
  8. Serial port EEPROM 93C 46: is the general wire connector of SPI
  9. 1602LCD. It is more beautiful and professional than lighting tubes and digital tubes.
  10. 128x64 LCD connector: It is 128x64 standard LED mold commonly seen in digital market which we could use it to indicate Chinese and images. Standard Does not include 128*64
  11. Infrared receiving end connector: It could be used to do infrared decoding experiment or make infrared remote controller.
  12. All the pins of chips are connected with expansion needles which are used to expand more functions. There are no limits to the functions of expanding experiments which are totally determined by users.
  13. The decoding experiment of the 104 button standard keyboard which supports PS/2 connector:
  14. The board contains step motor drive connector: It could be easy to connect the step motor to finish various experiments of the motor, such as the running and reverse running of the motor, etc. Standard Does not include motor
  15. Serial port clock chip DS1302: SPI serial port clock chip.
  16. Temperature transistor DS18B20 connector: Standard Does not include 18b20
  17. usb port communication circuit:

More ISP downloading options:

With complementary software, XLISP programmer represents a great tool. The microcontroller connects to the XLISP programmer via 6 lines, two of which are +5V and GND and others are MOSI, MISO, SCK and MCLR. Unlike programmers whose operation is based on bootloading (and which need to give away part of their memory to a bootload program) XLISP programs the microcontroller externally so that the entire memory is available for the programmer.

Lists of chips it supports:

ATmega323,ATmega323L,ATmega64,ATmega64LATmega8,ATmega8L,ATmega8515,ATmega8515LATmega8535,ATmega8535L ATtiny12,ATtiny12L,ATtiny13,ATtiny13LATtiny15,ATtiny15L,ATtiny22,ATtiny22L,ATtiny26,ATtiny26L

Equipped with 40pin simulator head and SST89E516 Emulation chip:

It could be used as an independent simulator for 51 MCU. With the help of KEIL software, it supports on-line debugging like single step execution, break point and full runThe new SoftICE software utility was specifically developed to support the FlashFlex
SST's SoftICE is a downloadable micro-controller-resident software utility that provides in-circuit emulation capability through the Keil Monitor51 software, a popular third-party Windows monitor interface. It is the only software utility on the market today that provides "true" in-circuit emulation without the need for a "bondout" chip or on-board "hooks" circuitry. It helps debug users' target software in real-time, thus providing engineers with an in-circuit development tool, which is effective, easy to use and requires no extra emulator hardware. SoftICE has most of the features of sophisticated hardware emulators.
Some important features are:
Full access to every Flash memory location, RAM location, and SFR for READ/WRITE/ERASE operations.
Inline Assembler allows for on-the-fly change of test code. Any changes made using the inline assembler are implemented immediately on the hardware and in real-time.
SoftICE works invisibly with the user-friendly Keil Monitor51 driver to ensure the user the most comfortable code development environment.

Packing includes :

  1. XL400+ 8051 mcu development board
  2. USB cable
  3. AT89S52 Chip*1
  4. Remote control
  5. SST89E516 Emulation chip
  6. DIP40 Emulation port
  7. ISP cable
  8. CD-ROM (Programmer Driver , English version PDF User manual , Board Schematic , Sample code (C / ASM) .)
  9. Compatible for OS including Windows 98, Windows 2000/NT, Windows XP , Windows 2003 and Vista
  • 8051 mcu development board xl400
    8051 mcu development board xl400
  • democode for 8051 mcu study board xl400
    democode for 8051 mcu study board xl400
  • super powerful circuits resources for xl400
    super powerful circuits resources for xl400
  • XLISP programm software
    XLISP programm software
  • packing list for xl400
    packing list for xl400
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