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Name of Product: S3C ARM11 development board Mini6410+4.3

Model of Product: mini6410+4.3

S3C ARM11 development board Mini6410+4.3

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Mini6410 is a very delicate low-cost high-quality integrated ARM11 development board, it uses the Samsung S3C6410 as the main processor, in the design has inherited the Mini2440" good at heart, simple in shape" style, and the layout is more reasonable, the interface is more rich, very suitable for the development of MID, automotive electronics, industrial control, navigation system, media broadcasting terminal equipment; can also be applied to teaching, embedded training, individual study and DIY.

Specifically, Mini6410 with double LCD interface, 4 wires resistive touch screen interface, 100M standard network interface, standard DB9 five line serial, Mini USB 2.0-OTG interface, USB Host 1.1, 3.5mm audio output port of the board, microphone, the standard TV-OUT interface, pop-up SD card, infrared receiving and other commonly used interface; also lead to 4 TTL serial port, CMOS Camera interface, 40pin bus interface, 30pin GPIO interface ( SPI, I2C reusable, interruption, the other containing 3 ADC, 1 DAC ), SDIO2 ( SD WiFi interface can be connected ), 10PIN Jtag interface; in the plate, and a buzzer, a battery backup, AD I2C-EEPROM adjustable resistor, 8 keys ( derivable ), 4LED; all of these, will greatly facilitate the development of assessment and the use of, plus our custom to Mini6410 size 4.3" LCD module, truly allows you to" hand all"!

Hardware configuration
Samsung S3C6410A ARM1176JZF-S processor, nuclear, frequency 533MHz, maximum 667Mhz
DDR RAM 256M DDR RAM memory on board; the 32bit data bus
FLASH  256M / 1GB Nand Flash board, power-down nonvolatile
LCD display
Plate integrated 4 wire resistive touch screen interface, can be directly connected to the four wire resistive touch screen;
In support of black and white, 4 gray, 16 gray, 256 color, 4096 color STN LCD screen, ranging in size from 3.5 inches to 12.1 inches, screen resolution can be achieved 1024x768 pixel;
In support of black and white, 4 gray, 16 gray, 256 color, 64K color, true color TFT LCD screen, ranging in size from 3.5 inches to 12.1 inches, screen resolution can be achieved 1024x768 pixel;
Standard configuration is 4.3" true color LCD, respectively 480x272, touch screen.
Standard interface resource
1 100M Ethernet RJ45 interface (DM9000 card )
1 DB9 RS232 five line serial ( another 4 TTL level serial, see below)
1 Mini USB Slave-OTG 2 interface
1 way 3.5mm stereo audio output interface, 1 on board the microphone input
1 way TV-OUT output interface
1 USB Host 1.1 interface
1 standard SD card
1 infrared receiving head
5V DC voltage input
In the board which uses resources
The 1 I2C-EEPROM chip ( 256byte ), mainly used for testing I2C bus
The 4 user LED ( green )
8 side vertical key ( interrupt resource pins, leading seat )
1 adjustable resistance, used for ADC conversion testing
1 PWM control buzzer
On-board real-time clock battery backup
Expansion interface resource
4 serial seat ( TTL level, 2.0mm pitch, in-line seat )
10PIN 2.0mm space JTAG interface
Double LCD interface ( 41pin Mini seat, compatible with the mini2440 LCD interface, and 40pin 2.0mm double-row seat )
20pin 2.0mm SDIO interface ( SD spacing can be connected to the WiFi, which also contains the 1 SPI and I2C interface )
20pin 2.0mm space CMOS camera interface
30pin 2.0mm space GPIO interface
40pin 2.0mm pitch system bus interface
10PIN 2.0mm pitch SMD keys lead seat (including 8 road interrupt button pin, power and ground)
PCB size
6 layers of high-density circuit board, adopts immersion gold process
110 x 110 ( mm )
Operating system support
Linux2.6.36 + Qtopia-2.2.0 + Qt-Extended-4.4.3 + QtE-4.7.0
WindowsCE.NET 6 ( R3 )
Android 2.3.2 + Linux-2.6.36

Shipping list:
1.  A learning mini6410 development board;
2.  A power adapter ( + 5V );
3.  A crossover cable;
4.  A miniUSB line;
5.  With a touch of 4.3 Inch Touch Screen (with delicate touch screen panel, a touch pen );
6.  A DVD development of cd;
7.  An exquisite packaging

  • S3C ARM11 development board, Mini6410 kit
    S3C ARM11 development board, Mini6410 kit
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