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Name of Product: S3C ARM11 development board, Tiny6410 ARM kit

Model of Product: Tiny6410+4.3

S3C ARM11 development board, Tiny6410 ARM kit

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Tiny6410 is a ARM11 chip ( Samsung S3C6410) as the main processor embedded core board, the CPU based on ARM1176JZF-S kernel design, internal integration of a powerful multimedia processing unit, support Mpeg4, H.264 / H.263 format video files hardware decoding, can output to LCD and TV display; it also with 3D graphics hardware accelerators, in order to achieve OpenGL ES 1.1 & 2 accelerated rendering, and it also supports 2D graphics smooth image scaling, turning operation.

Tiny6410 using high density 6 layer design, size of 64 x 50mm 128M DDR, it integrates RAM, 256M / 1GB SLC Nand Flash memory, using 5V power supply, the board to achieve CPU required various core voltage conversion, but also with special reset chip, through the 2.0mm spaced rows of needles, leads to a variety of common interface resource, in order to for not going to design their own CPU plate developer fast development the two times to use.

Tiny6410SDK is a Tiny6410 core board of a reference design board, which is mainly to help developers as a reference for the core board function validation and extension development. The bottom plate has a three LCD interface, 4 wires resistive touch screen interface, 100M standard network interface, DB9 five, Mini USB 2 line serial interface, USB Host 1.1, 3.5mm audio input and output, the standard TV-OUT interface, SD card, infrared receiving and other commonly used interface; also leads to 4 TTL serial port, the other 1 road TV-OUT, SDIO2 interface ( SD interface can be connected with WiFi ); in the plate, and a buzzer, a battery backup, I2C-EEPROM AD adjustable resistor, a 8 interrupt button.

We also give full play to the 6410 support SD card to start this characteristic, we use carefully developed by Superboot, without the need to connect computers, as long as the target files are copied to the SD card ( can support high amounts to 32G high speed large capacity card ), you can board in the development of very fast very simply automatic installation of various embedded systems ( WindowsCE6 / Linux / Android / Ubuntu / uCos2 ); even without burning, can be directly run them in the sd!

Tiny6410 core board resources overview

CPU Samsung S3C6410A ARM1176JZF-S processor, nuclear, frequency 533MHz, maximum 667Mhz
DDR RAM 32bit in 256M memory, a data bus
FLASH  2GB MLC board ( Samsung 2 generation) Nand Flash, power-down nonvolatile, ( optional 256M / 1GB SLC Nand Flash )
Interface resource 2 x 60 pin 2.0mm space DIP connector; pin 2.0mm space 2 x 30 DIP connector
In the panel resources
4 x User Leds ( Green )
10 pin 2.0mm space Jtag connector
Reset button on board
Supply Voltage from 2V to 6V
PCB Sizes 6 high density circuit board, adopts immersion gold process production; 64 x 50 x 12 ( mm )
Operating system support
Linux2.6.38 + Qtopia-2.2.0 + Qtopia4-Phone + QtE-4.7.0
WindowsCE.NET 6 ( R3 )
Android 2.3.2

Tiny6410  core board
1) Samsung S3C6410 533Mhz, operation frequency
( 2) 256M / 128M DDR RAM 32-bit data bus
( 3) 2GB MLC Nand Flash ( Samsung 2 generation)
( 4) on board 10 Pin Jtag
( 5) in LED x 4

LCD: different packages will have different LCD types, others are all the same
( 1) with a precision of touch, light adjustable
( 2) with a fine material ABS panel, easy disassembly
( 3 ) to provide LCD driver board schematic diagram

Packing list:
( 1) S3C ARM11 development board Tiny6410 SDK substrate
( 2) the Tiny6410 core board
( 3) the LCD liquid crystal
( 4) 5V / 2A power
( 5) blue head cross-serial line
( 6) the development of CD-ROM DVD, 2
( 7) cable
( 8) the miniUSB line
( 9) exquisite packaging

  • S3C ARM11 board,tiny6410+4.3
    S3C ARM11 board,tiny6410+4.3" development board
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