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Name of Product: samsung s3c2440 arm9 board 7 inch touch LCD mini2440a70

Model of Product: mini2440a70

samsung s3c2440 arm9 board 7 inch touch LCD mini2440a70

Quantity: 1-2 3-4 5-9 10+
Price: $238.80 $232.80 $228.80 $218.80

mini2440 a70 samsung s3c2440 arm9 board 7 inch touch LCD is made up of  Mini440 and 7" TFT LCD Touch Screen.

Board Features    CPU Samsung S3C2440A 400MHz, Max freq. 533Mhz


   32bits Data Bus width
   100MHz Clock 


   256M/1GB Nand Flash
   2MB Nor Flash, BIOS installed


4 wire resistive touch screen interface
Up to 4096 color STN, 3.5 inches to12.1 inches, up to 1024x768 pixels
Up to 64K color TFT, 3.5 inches to 12.1 inches, up to1024x768 pixels
In box Innolux 256K color 800x480/7.0 inches TFT screen, with touch screen

7.0 LCD Touch Screen Fetures

  1.  Model: AT070TN83 (digital screen)
  2.  Manufacturer: InnoLux
  3.  Resolution: 800 * 480
  4.  Backlight: LED backlight
  5.  Color RGB: 6-6-6 (262,144 colors)
  6.  Display area: 6.0 x 3.6 inch (152.4 x 91.44 mm )
  7.  Contour dimension: 6.5 x 4.1 x 0.2 inch (165 x 104 x 5.5mm)
  8.  Weight: 3.0 lbs (1361.0 g)

Interface and Resource

1 x 10/100M Ethernet RJ-45(DM9000)
3 x Serial Ports(1 RS232 with CTS and RTS)
1 x USB Host
1 x USB Slave Type B
1 x SD Card Interface
1 x Stereo audio out, 1 Micro In
1 x 10-Pin JTAG
6 x USER buttons
1 x PWM Beeper
1 x POT can be used for A/D converter adjust
1 x AT24C08 for I2C test
1 x 20-Pin Camera Interface
1 x Battery for RTC
1 x Power In(5V), with switch and lamp
Oscillator Freq.

12 MHz  RTC

Internal Expand Interface

1 x 34-Pin 2.0mm GPIO
1 x 40-Pin 2.0mm System Bus
Dimension100 x 100(mm)

OS Support

Windows CE6



Content List

1 x S3C2440 board (Preload with Linux) 
1 x Serial cable
1 x Net cable
1 x USB cable
1 x 5V power adapter 
1 x Parallel port wiggler JTAG emulator(for H-JTAG)
1 x DVD-ROM with product reference
1 x Innolux LCD: 7.0", 800x480, with touch panel

Material list on DVD-ROM

(1) H-JTAG Debugger
(2) Windows Flash Programmer SJF2440
(3) Linux Nand Flash Programmer Jflash-2440(source code included)
(4) Serial tool CRT, dnw
(5) Bitmap to C Language transfer tool
(6) USB Driver(WindowXP/2000)
(7) vivi source code(linux bootloader)
(8) LED test program(ADS1.20 project)
(9) 2440test program(ADS1.20 project), include :
      key test, RTC test, ADC test, IIS Audio play(wav), IIS Audio record,
      touch screen test, I2C test, Samsung 3.5"LCD, 640x480 TFT test
(10) WindowsCE 5.0 BSP and sample project files.
(11) Pre-compiled WinCE 5.0 image for evaluation
(12) Linux tool and kernel source code     
        - arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2 with EABI     
        - yaffs2 file system image maker -mkyaffs2image     
        - linux-2.6.29 for S3C2440 kernel source code(include DM9000, LCD driver, Audio,
          Touch screen, YAFFS Source code, SD Card, RTC, Expand serial driver,
          USB Camera,USB Mouse and Keyboard, U-Disk) 
(13) Pre-compiled Linux image for evaluation
(14) Qtopia 2.2.0 source codes, web browser source codes
(15) Schematics(Protel99SE/PDF)
(16) User Manual(English)

File download :
  • Small size ARM mini2440
    Small size ARM mini2440
  • content on mini2440's cd
    content on mini2440's cd
  • mini2440 7 inch LCD size
    mini2440 7 inch LCD size
  • mini2440a70 samsung s3c2440 arm9 board 7 inch LCD
    mini2440a70 samsung s3c2440 arm9 board 7 inch LCD
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