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Name of Product: AVR JTAG ICE and AVR ISP programmer 2in1 V2.5

Model of Product: AVR-JTAG-ISP

AVR JTAG ICE and AVR ISP programmer 2in1 V2.5

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AVR JTAG ISP and AVR ISP programmer 2in1 V2.5 is a tool for atmel avr mcu development and programm design by AVRVI, It's JTAG function compatable with atmel's AVR JTAGICE , and ISP function compatalbe with atmel's AVR ISP .


  1. Low price tool for start AVR.
  2. JTAG and ISP compatable with ATMEL AVR JTAGICE and ATMEL AVR ISP.
  3. Auto detect target conn is JTAG or ISP.
  4. Auto reset when change connection.
  5. work with AVR Studio for program, and online debug. AVR Studio Compatible
  6. Programming interface to flash, eeprom, fuses and lockbits.
  7. ISP program function support all avr chips with ISP interface
  8. Emulates all Digital and Analog On-Chip Functions
  9. use USB and RS232 to connect to PC

Support devices

ISP programm:
AT Tin:
ATmega8、 ATmega16、ATmega32、ATmega48、ATmega64、ATmega88、ATmega103、 ATmega128、ATmega161、ATmega162、ATmega163、ATmega165、ATmega169、ATmega323、 ATmega325、ATmega329、ATmega644、ATmega645、ATmega649、ATmega2560、ATmega2561、 ATmega3250、ATmega3290、ATmega6450、ATmega6490、ATmega8515、ATmega8535、 AT90CAN128、AT90PWM2、AT90PWM3
JTAG debug and program:
AT90CAN128、ATmega128、 ATmega128L、 ATmega16、 ATmega162、 ATmega162V、ATmega165、ATmega165V、 ATmega169、 ATmega169V、 ATmega16L、 ATmega32、 ATmega323、 ATmega323L、ATmega32L、ATmega64、 ATmega64L

Packages list

① AVR JTAG & ISP user guid  1
② AVR JTAG ISP and AVR ISP programmer 2in1 V2.5   1
③ USB cable  1
④ 9pin RS232 cable 1
⑤ CD rom with driver and software 1


Describetion from ATMEL:


The JTAG ICE from Atmel Corporation is together with AVR Studio a complete tool for doing On-Chip Debugging on all AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers with the JTAG interface.

The JTAG interface is a 4 wire Test Access Port (TAP) controller that is compliant with the IEEE 1149.1 standard. The IEEE standard was developed to enable a standard way to efficiently test circuit board connectivity (Boundary Scan). Atmel AVR devices have extended this functionality to include full Programming and On-Chip Debugging support.

The JTAG ICE uses the standard JTAG interface to enable the user to do real time emulation of the microcontroller while it is running in the target system.

The AVROCD (AVR On-Chip Debug) protocol gives the user complete control of the internal resources of the AVR microcontroller. The JTAG ICE gives perfect emulation at a fraction of the cost of traditional emulators.
The AVRISP from Atmel Corporation is a professional low cost In-System Programmer covering all AVR 8-bit RISC Micro Controllers. The programmer connects to a PC through a standard RS232 serial interface and draws the necessary power from the target board eliminating the need for an additional power supply.

File download :
  • AVR emulator and programmer 2in1
    AVR emulator and programmer 2in1
  • AVR emulator and programmer user guid
    AVR emulator and programmer user guid
  • 2in1 Promotional materials
    2in1 Promotional materials
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