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Name of Product: AVR ethernet board, avrvi ethernet io use atmega32 enc28j60

Model of Product: avr-Ethernet

AVR ethernet board, avrvi ethernet io use atmega32 enc28j60

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AVR ethernet board, atmega32 and enc28j60,it is a  webserver with web camra.

Have you ever thought about connecting an 8-bit uC to the Internet? There are already some projects out there that connect an AVR uC to Ethernet by using an old network card or the plain RTL8019 Ethernet controller.

This board is a web server implementation that demonstrates how to use an AVR ATmega microcontroller and the ENC28J60 Ethernet chip to connect to the Internet. The board allows remote I/O control, file upload and download, and offers support for Web-camera picture upload/download.

ATmega32 Webserver Board Features

  • CPU: ATmega32
  • Ethernet controller: ENC28J60
  • 4M DataFlash AT45DB041 to store HTML or other files
  • One RS232 interface
  • 2x 5V/2A Relay outputs
  • 2x opto-isolated inputs (P521)
  • 8-channel, 10-bit A/D interface
  • SPI interface
  • TWI (I2C) interface
  • PWM interface

The following key features have been implemented:

  • Ethernet, ARP, IP, TCP, UDP Protocol
  • HTTP server
  • NTP client
  • webcam I/O (640x480px)
  • Servo motor control
  • Temperature logging and graphical output
  • I/O port control (read/write any pin)
  • Second UART (using software, 19200 baud)

The main parts of the HTTP protocol are implemented in the webserver. You can view any stored website by accessing the webserver with any browser using HTTP GET. The server also supports file upload to the internal DataFlash storage by using HTTP POST, the same as uploading any file with a standard browser. Another important feature is the support of HTTP AUTH: In order to configure the webserver or to upload any file, you need to authenticate yourself by using HTTP AUTH. If you request any website starting with "/adm/", your web browser will ask you log in with your password, which can be configured by the user.

The NTP client can update the internal clock by connecting to any NTP time server on the internet. The webserver is able to connect to any server in your local network as well as to any other server on the internet by using a configurable default gateway.

The webcam has a resolution of 640x480 pixels, and the image will be a JPG image in an html website. The download of a picture takes about 5 seconds.

Another feature is the control of the webserver's I/O pins with any standard web browser. If you hook up a small relay to the I/O pins, you can control your coffee machine from everywhere around the world (and watch it brew the coffee by using the webcam function, of course).

ATmega32 Webserver Board Package Contents

  • One AVRVi Ethernet IO kit with enclosure
  • One Ethernet Cable
  • One CD with user guide and source code
  • One DC power supply
File download :
  • AVR ethernet board
    AVR ethernet board
  • AVR ethernet board runing
    AVR ethernet board runing
  • AVR ethernet enc28j60 inside
    AVR ethernet enc28j60 inside
  • AVR tcp/ip board back
    AVR tcp/ip board back
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