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Name of Product: TI DSP emulator XDS510 USB2.0

Model of Product: 00ic-DSP-emu

TI DSP emulator XDS510 USB2.0

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DSP emulator XDS510 USB2.0 support ccs3.3, is a tool for TI DSP chips,for : TMS320C2000:F20X、F24X、F240X、F28XX、F2833X、F2801X,TMS320C3000:VC3X,TMS320C5000:54XX 55XX,MS320C6000:62XX、67XX、64X,OMAP: 1510、5910 etc all TI DSP chips

DSP emulator XDS510-USB2.0 emulator can use in vista,F2833X,F2801X,C672X.

The XDS510, which has been upgraded to support the latest driver for CCS3.3 recently. It boasts many beneficial features such as flexible, external, hot pluggable and bus-powered emulation. These utilities are designed to aid in production and connection to DSP target boards (as illustrated in the picture). Compared with previous version, the advanced emulation controller gives the XDS510-USB much improved download speed..

The XDS510 utilizes a standard JTAG plug acting as a Scan-Based Emulator. Because it is a  plug-and-play emulator, integrated debugger programs can be executed from both on or off chip memory without additional delay under any clock speed.

Special features include:

Standard high-speed USB2.0 interface - up to 480MB/s data transfer rate, plug-and-play, compatible with USB1.1 host standardized JTAG emulation interface, to save on computer resources; interface protection design to fully support the hot-plug at JTAG interface for Windows98/NT/2000/XP the latest driver for both CCS3.3 and CCS2.x, supports C and Assembler Realize Flash Program for F28x/F240x/F24x/F20x High emulation speed, supports RTDX self-regulating DSP voltage of the object board preventing system from crash and non-reboot when power to the target board is not able to emulate TI’s TMS320C2000/3000/5000/6000, C3X/4X/5X/8X, OMAP1510/1610/1710/2420/310/5910 supports multi-DSP emulation easy to install, runs stable at high speeds, affordably priced

support devices:

  1. TMS320C2000:F20X、F24X、F240X、F28XX、F2833X、F2801X
  2. TMS320C3000:VC3X
  3. TMS320C5000:54XX 、55XX
  4. TMS320C6000:62XX、67XX、64X
  5. OMAP:1510、5910  all TI DSP chip

packeg list

  1.  DSP emulator USB2.0
  2.  14Pin line
  3.  USB2.0 cable
  4.  Driver and tech cd
  5.  DSP Emulator user guide

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File download :
  • driver_xds510s
  • TI DSP emulator
    TI DSP emulator
  • DSP emulator package
    DSP emulator package
  • xds510 DSP emulator white box
    xds510 DSP emulator white box
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