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Name of Product: Embedded Ethernet remote web control system (NE-WEB-IO)

Model of Product: NE-WEB-IO

Embedded Ethernet remote web control system (NE-WEB-IO)

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I. Overview

Embedded Ethernet remote web control system (NE-WEB-IO) is a network IO control equipment design by National Easy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Through the Internet, open a Web page using the computer in the form of detection and control of remote devices, you can use on the LAN, and also it be used across the Internet gateway, support for digital input (DI), digital output (DO), analog input (AD), and analog output (DA), support the collection of temperature and humidity and can support serial (RS232) data system conversion.

System Features:

  1. Connect to network, anytime, anywhere to monitor and control your equipment
  2. Can cross the gateway, the real operation of the Internet
  3. Built-in HTTP protocol, open a Web page can observe and control the realization
  4. Improve the password authentication mechanism to ensure that only authorized users can operate
  5. Combination up to 24 input or output channels, including DI, DO, AD, DA, temperature and humidity
  6. Built-in SD card function, can use Ftp to upload web pages, replace the default web pages, easily customized
  7. Support common serial port server functionality, TCP and RS232 for transparent transmission
  8. Can work in TCP client and TCP server mode, password authentication before connecting
  9. Multi-reliability design, stronger anti-surge and anti-jamming capability
  10. Inside Watch dog
  11. High speed CPU, Special Ethernet chip, security system stability and reliability

Packing List:
1, embedded remote network controller 1 set
2, operation manual 1
3, 9V DC power adapter 1
4, standard network cable 1
5, serial extension cable 1
Order information
Functional and pin definitions of the different models, please refer to the definition of plans available for order later models are as follows,

  1. NE-WEBIO-88000
  2. NE-WEBIO-44800
  3. NE-WEBIO-44440
  4. NE-WEBIO-44404

Ⅱ. The system parameters

2.1 Function interface parameter

Name Describe channels Parameters
DI digital input Max 8 TTL Level
DO digital output Max 8 TTL Level
AD analog input Max 8 0~5V 10bits
DA analog output Max 4 0~4.5V 8bits

temperature and humidity

Max 4 Temperature measurement range: -25 ~ +85 ℃
Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃
Humidity measuring range: 0% to 100%
humidity precision: ± 2%
Resolution: 0.1 ℃
temperature and humidity: 0.1%
RS232 Serial communication interface Max 1 Work mode:
TCP Server
TCP Client

2.2 System parameter

Name Describe
Temperature Industrial -25 ~ +85℃
Humidity 5% ~ 95% RH
Control mode HTTP web page control
TCP client command control
RS232 command control
Security control Open the Web page requires a user name and password authentication TCP connection need password authentication
Power DC7~9V we supply a 9v adapter
Size 113mm*129mm*30mm
Default IP   IP address:
  Subnet mask:
  Gate way:
  DNS add:
  NTP add:
RS232 info 115200,N,8,1
  • TCP WEB control
    TCP WEB control
  • Intelface DI DO AD DA RS232
    Intelface DI DO AD DA RS232
  • Intelface RJ45 RS232
    Intelface RJ45 RS232
  • web control picture
    web control picture
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