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Name of Product: AVR MCU study board development board

Model of Product: BIGAVR01

AVR MCU study board development board

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The AVR study board AVR devlopment board is a starter kit and development system for Atmel's AVR Flash microcontrollers.It is based on ATMEL's ATmega16 or ATmega32, The board gives designers a quick start to develop code on the AVR combined with features for using the starter kit to develop prototypes and test new designs. This AVR board interfaces with AVR Studio®, Atmel's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for code debugging and ICCAVR for writing and compile.

All the pins on the board is free ,and conn by your self, we can offer you demo codes for your quick start.Use it for your study, development , competement and projects etc.

Use for University Laboratory.

On the board there are:

  1. Power supply:VDD ,5V ,3.3V, GND.
  2. ISP interface: standard ISP 10 PIN for programm.
  3. JTAG emulator interface:standard JTAG 10 PIN for programm and online debug.
  4. Conners for all pins out.
  5. Crystal: one 7.3728M crystal on board ,and an expansion for use other easily.
  6. Reset bottom
  7. USART-RS232:use MAX232
  8. USB:use CP2102 for USB to usart
  9. 4 key single key
  10. 4*4 key board
  11. 18B20
  12. 24C01
  13. ADC
  14. DAC
  15. A buzzer
  16. 5110 LCD
  17. 8*8 dot
  18. 4 * 7-segment led
  19. expansion IO : ULN2803 for 8 chanels out and P521 for 4 channers in
  20. AT45DB041
  • AVR MCU study board
    AVR MCU study board
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