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The TMS320F2810, TMS320F2811, TMS320F2812, TMS320C2810, TMS320C2811, and TMS320C2812
devices, members of the TMS320C28x(TM) DSP generation, are highly integrated, high-performance solutions
for demanding control applications. The functional blocks and the memory maps are described in Section 3,
Functional Overview.
Throughout this document, TMS320F2810, TMS320F2811, and TMS320F2812 are abbreviated as F2810,
F2811, and F2812, respectively. F281x denotes all three Flash devices. TMS320C2810, TMS320C2811, and
TMS320C2812 are abbreviated as C2810, C2811, and C2812, respectively. C281x denotes all three ROM
devices. 2810 denotes both F2810 and C2810 devices; 2811 denotes both F2811 and C2811 devices; and
2812 denotes both F2812 and C2812 devices.

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