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MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a free, integrated toolset for the development of embedded applications employing Microchip's PIC® and dsPIC® microcontrollers. MPLAB IDE runs as a 32-bit application on MS Windows®, is easy to use and includes a host of free software components for fast application development and super-charged debugging. MPLAB IDE also serves as a single, unified graphical user interface for additional Microchip and third party software and hardware development tools. Moving between tools is a snap, and upgrading from the free software simulator to hardware debug and programming tools is done in a flash because MPLAB IDE has the same user interface for all tools.

New in MPLAB IDE v8.33:

The most recent full release of MPLAB IDE introduces these new features:


These new features are added to MPLAB IDE v8.33 (new device support is listed in the Release Notes):

- Programming Time Improvements – many 16- and 32- bit devices can now be programmed in a much shorter time.

- Release from Reset/Hold in Reset REAL ICE/ICD 3 – implements the popular release from reset/hold in reset from MPLAB ICD 2 for the MPLAB REAL ICE and MPLAB ICD 3.

- Software Breakpoints for PIC32/REAL ICE/ICD 3 – provides software breakpoints for PIC32 on REAL ICE and ICD 3.

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