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Founded in Sunnyvale, CA USA in 1988, XELTEK has been endeavoring in device programmers for more than 16 years. Backed by the tradition of technical innovation, high efficiency of R&D and manufacturing, better comprehensions of customers' requirements and good relationship with major IC manufacturers, XELTEK provide its customers with state-of-the-art programmers at revolutionary pricing to keep the pace with the rapid growth of semiconductor industry, improve performance of products, reduce cost and shorten the time-to-market. We provide total solution of device programming with SUPERPRO series device programmers, from engineering to production, from PC based to stand-alone.

SUPERPRO is a registered trademark of XELTEK.

Technical advantages
XELTEK has been making SUPERPRO series device programmers since 1990 and is well experienced in this business. Up to 40,000 chips in various packages from over 180 manufacturers are supported at highest reliability and speed. SUPERPRO is built with the most advanced features you can imagine.
Total solution
Various models are provided to meet your needs in low cost and high end, engineering and production, gang and cluster, PC-hosted and stand-alone use.
Advantage on support by IC manufacturers
Located in Silicon Valley, XELTEK USA keeps good relationships with many major IC companies that are important for us to support new chips continuously. Algorithm update is available free and rapidly by internet.
Ic manufacturer partners include: ( A partial list of manufacturer )


MaximPhilips Fujitsu Freescale Sharp Goal St Silicon Winbond Ti Sst Xilinx Altera Renesas Toshiba Dallas Samsung Amd Cypress Hynix Intel
Nxp Infineon Lattice Zilog National Mxic NEC

Advantage on pricing
Located in Nanjing, P.R.C., XELTEK China provides lowest R&D and manufacturing cost. This is why we can offer you better or equal performance at much lower prices than all of our competitors.
Worldwide distribution and support network
Distribution and support are available in over 20 countries, China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Russia, Czech, Bulgaria, UK, Germany, France, Italy, India, Thailand and Singapore etc.
Advanced features
SUPERPRO is designed with the state-of-art hardware architecture with on-board high speed CPU, RTOS, FPGA, CPLD and high quality universal pin-drivers. These enable it an advanced programmer.

    * The 48 pins (expandable to 100 pins) powerful universal pin-drivers can lead programmable precision voltage signals, GND, CLK, to any pin. A FPGA provides full I/O signals (level programmable from 1.5v to 5v) to up to 100 pins. These make the programmer truly universal: Both current and future, 5v and low voltage devices are supported. Different devices in same package share one adapter. For example, the only QFP44 adapter SA244 supports all MCUs, PLDs and memory. All DIL devices are supported directly with the ZIF48 socket as a standard accessory. The benefits brought to user by this are the rapid availability of device support by simply d/l new algorithms and saving in adapter purchasing by the limited types.
    * Semiconductor manufacturer-approved algorithms, precision and clean signals promise high programming yield. Algorithm waveform is generated by hardware offering 0.05v programming voltage resolution and I Us timing resolution. Special design was made to eliminate overshoot and ground bounce.
    * Algorithms are performed with state machine architecture constructed with FPGA to achieve a ultra-high programming speed.
    * Insertion and continuity check are performed before programming to protect devices from damaged due to operation error.
    * Over current and over voltage protection is acted to each pin to protect programmer hardware from destroy due to bad chip short circuit and ESD.
    * Stand-alone mode makes production more efficient.
    * User-friendly s/w features. Auto-count, batch command, Insertion-and-start. Windows compatible s/w.

Who are our customers?
SUPERPRO has over 100,000 users worldwide. A partial list of well-known users below:
Motorola IBM NEC AT&T NASA Malata Panda Honeywell Microsoft SONY Lockheed Martin sanmina-sci mitac Bell,Fujitsu,Seiko,Cirrus Logic,General Motors,Boeing,Minolta,Boston University, CIT, CSUF,California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California, Purdue University, Qinghua University, Channel 9 Australia, Federal Highway Administration, Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory, Mastercard International Japan, US Airforce,US Airway,US Army,China Aerospace Administration, US Navy

  • SUPERPRO/5000 Xeltek SUPERPRO Programer
  • SUPERPRO 5000E programmer
  • SUPERPRO/3000U Xeltek SUPERPRO Programmer
  • SUPERPRO 580U programmer
  • SUPERPRO/280U Xeltek SUPERPRO Programmer